Ethnic Pride Entrepreneurial Globalization School:

The concept is a series of charter schools united in a theme of “ethnic pride entrepreneurial” identities for their respective communities and in their common vision for vocational direction.

Below describes some of the other Ethnic Pride Entrepreneurial Schools planned. These schools would hopefully launch in September of 2015. The initial schools to be planned as follows:

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    Thomas Jefferson

Ethnic Perspective Schools

First School in Detroit, MI

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    Nelson Mandela


Pathways Global Leadership Academy

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    The Vilna Goan

King Solomon Tech

High School

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Philosophy, History, and Language of Greece


Thomas Jefferson: Ethnic Perspective Schools

Detroit: the city of the comeback, the possible center of a glorious revolution in globalization. Henry Ford was part of our industrious past. His imperfections in the arena of bigotry were perhaps a portent of the imperfections of that earlier prosperty. A city built on globalization with equality will have a more enduring blessing.

Charter School

Africa: Planned in our horizon: Courses and study trips designed to shape a generation of economically sophisticated and ideologically altruistic entrepreneurs that will enrich American and African interests together, as they marvel in each other’s treasures.

Perspective on Africa: a continent of deep modesty and decency, a continent of faith and resolve, a continent of resources and opportunities, a continent of opportunities for human service, a continent of opportunities for global prosperity.

We seek that this should be the initial and centerpiece school and that the administration team of Pathways Institutes should be involved in management and consulting of charter schools for other ethnic groups.


King Solomon Tech High School:

Launching initially for 11th and 12th grades for fall of ’14.

Unique ethnic pride academic curriculum: Hebrew language, Jewish history, technological innovations spawned in Israel, Jewish philosophy, and the lives and legacies of the Tannaic Sages.

Aristotle: Greek Ethnic School

Greek: Philosophy, History, and language of Greece.

Statements on grades and ages served: While Greek and Jewish ethnic schools may launch as 9-12th grade the centerpiece Afro-American schools seeks to launch as k-5. While these ages need a different entrepreneurial curriculum that emphasizes basic geography and history of target countries there are still ways to involve the centerpiece school in the more advanced programming. Charter: Pathways Global Institutes has a charter and the Greek and Jewish schools would seek their advisory guidance in applying for a charter (potentially for the fall ’15 school year.) The next goal would likely be other ethnic groups such as Asian for 2016.