What Our Program Is All About


According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary this is the Definition of PERSPECTIVE:
a way of looking at or thinking about something (whether she was being rude or candid is all a matter of perspective)


If we are all free and equal in the laws of the land we have freedom of speech and freedom to view the world from our perspective. Does anyone deny we all have a different perspective?

Yet, public schools have often taught from a perspective that is set in great variance to major segments of america. Further, history has shown that institutions have taken “perspectives” that actually assault and deny the freedoms of other americans.

Perspective and bias?

Perspective bias abuse in education can be minimized when broaden the choice of charter schools which are objective but have a stated cultural perspective.

The remedy for propaganda perspective is the availablity of an ethnic pride perspective.

Let us look at some of the refreshing and inspiringly positive perspectives of the Ethnic Pride Entrepreneurial Charter Schools board:

Pathways institutes global initiative: schools that bring a high educational standard to the children of Detroit

Globalization: a plan for an entrepreuneurial study program that directs many students to be global entreprepeneurs with a focus on excellence in the markets and perspectives closest to their ethnic group and genealogical ancestry.

International: we encourage the buidling of a network of ethnic communities seeking to make charter schools, which conform to the state standards of curriculum, comply with constitutional separations, yet accentuate a vantage point the embraces pride in one’s ethnic heritage and celebrates the many perspectives of the american experience.